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 MSc Engineer, Business Consultant, General- Director for London Business Guide Organisation and also Publishing Director for Turkish Business Directory UK-EU. He has taken several Business Development, Administration & Management courses with MSc degree in London. He has also been attending several courses at the Local Business Development and International Business Management Training in the UK. He has more than 19 years experiences with several international business related companies in EU countries. He is working a project partner-director for Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs programme in European Commission since 2009. He was also an International Business Consultant for DEMSA&MediaSA group companies in Turkey and the exclusive representative for BC,  Buckingham Consulting London..


Mr Pehlivan is engaged in Business Consulting, International Marketing, Social Project Managementconsulting for EU funding, Business Information Technologies and provides new business development services and also social project development to local enterprises as well as foreign companies. He has a satisfied network of clients, based throughout the UK and EU, including SMEs businesses in London.


A Turkish Entrepreneur

Business Networking Event
Business Networking Event
Business Networking Event

In 2003 Mr. Abdullah Pehlivan has founded London Business Guide (LBG) Organisation which has more then 25.000 business members in the UK and EU countries. Abdullah Pehlivan is also Publishing Director of Turkish Business Directory(2005-14) which is one of the publishing products of London Business Guide awarded by University of Westminster (sponsored by West-Focus) as the most successful entrepreneur of the year 2005 and awarded by Ethnic Business Federation UK as the Organisation of the year 2007. LBG has also been working with different British governmental and private organisations giving business supporting services and training as Train to Gain, Learning and Skills Council (LSC), Business Link, Westminster College, Greater London Authority (GLA), BEMF, SEL, LSBU and Think London to deliver training and business related services like business consultancy, access to finance, Business Training as administration courses for  start-up business, Management skills for SMEs, IT skills, customer care and other courses to his customers. 


Abdullah Pehlivan is an entrepreneur and organiser in the UK-EU, regularly arranges  international business meetings and conference; Business Networking Events in London and Istanbul that prominent business people, governors and politicians from the UK and European Countries are invited.

A Publishing Director

Turkish Business Directory UK-EU

Abdullah Pehlivan is the creator and Editor-in-Chief of the Turkish Business Directory UK-EU which is one of the publishing products of London Business Guide  awarded by University of Westminster and Ethnic Business Federation UK.  


Turkish Business Directory UK-EU provides advice on how to set up a business in the UK; information on business networking services; includes profiles of successful business people in the UK and EU countries and provides a Directory of  more then 25,000 businesses and companies that want to promote themselves to the Business community. The mission of the publication is to provide a platform to all business levels of the Turkish & Minority Enterprises within the UK-EU economies. This directory is also focusing on providing a link between the potential businesses and authorities supplying high level service support. With the help of the directory, many business people will meet different agencies, which will promote & consolidate the development of minority businesses. There is a classified section allowing readers to access business contacts easily. Business sectors are represented by the diversity & impact of the Turkish Minority Enterprises that contribute to the UK- EU economies. One of the innovations in Turkish Business Directory UK-EU is having two special sections on Business Support Services in London. The first is a feature article under the heading 'Useful Business Information' which explains the purpose and scope of the work of publicly funded business support agencies, whose services are available to employers. This feature article is accompanied by sponsorship advertorial and advertisements. The second section is a listing of business support agencies in the Yellow Pages sections of the Directory which also includes advertising and advertorial.

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